Drupal Dedicated Server Optimization

Over the years of providing hosting services we have learned the best ways of configuring our servers to host Drupal websites.

We found out that CentOS and Ubuntu LTS optimally suit to run Drupal-based websites and that is why we utilize these two Linux distributions on all of our servers around the world.

We carefully configure our CentOS and Ubuntu LTS powered servers to optimum performance to best meet requirements of Drupal installations. We utilize underlying hardware technology in combination with the best Drupal-proven performance software like Varnish, APC, Apache Solr, etc to provide the best performance, which will exceed resource demands of your Drupal-project.

We have developed our own standard package of server scripts over CentOS and Ubuntu LTS specifically tuned to run Drupal websites, and we can share our experience with you.

If you do not want to subscribe to any of our hosting plans and you own/rent a dedicated server elsewhere, we can install our optimized Drupal hosting system to your server.

Drupal Dedicated Server Optimization CentOS 6.2 or Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Deployment in 12 hours $499.00 Subscribe